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Hotell Scandic Berlin

For Hotel Scandic Berlin Audiotechture created a sonic palette in tune with the Nordic inspired interior design. The elevators with their printed pine pattern ceilings got a backdrop of Nordic birds signing, and the same theme was applied to the rest rooms although the inspiration for these meditative sounds was taken from the sounds of reindeer's bells.

     The breakfast room, set in a mix between sounds of nature and abstract instrument sounds, has a 10-channel surround sound system for maximum spread and transparency.

     Each corridor in the top five floors are equipped with sensor-controlled invisible “sound curtains”, five on each floor, activated when a hotel guest passes through the sensor's eye. The corridor mixes were inspired by various Nordic natural phenomena such as ice crystals, melting snow and deep forest sounds. Each “curtain” contains a large number of sounds that are played randomly to avoid being perceived as repetitive.

     The project was finished in 2011 and works perfectly to this day as a recent visit could confirm.