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2006 / Issue 1

"Audiotechure's somewhat revolutionary approach is to mask the bad, inaudible sounds, with extremely low sound mixes of good sound from nature: wind, rippling water, birds singing. These sounds are played at very low levels, hardly sensed, but as opposed to bad subliminal sounds, these sounds are stimulating. They make us alert and awake. "

Ingrid Sommar. Interior office – old data and new truths


2004 / March

"Some 20 small business owners share the premises on the fourth floor of the business center Nääs Fabriker. Still you don't hear any computers buzzing, printers rattle or radios squealing in the background. The predominant sound is silence. Then you hear the conversations between the entrepreneurs, where, on their way to the kitchen or rest rooms, they meet and maybe exchange a few words. Then, nothing else, if you don't listen carefully, but if you do you will hear nature sounds from speakers discreetly placed along the walls, and from the circular sound shower in front of the round window facing lake Sävelången. Standing underneath the sound shower with eyes fixed somewhere beyond the lake where the forest disappears into the horizon chances are you'll forget both time and place. "

Tomas Andersson. Nature sounds for those who want to listen

Borås Tidning


"Teacher Eva Lill Jändel at Sjöbyskolan in Horred grew tired of an ever increasing noise level in the school's classrooms. In a health magazine she read about sound installations and how they affect people. She read about how sound can evoke feelings of pleasure and calm, that the rippling water brings harmony, or how a fictional buzzing bumblebee stimulates the imagination. In connection with Sjöbyskolans ongoing renovation and extension, the teachers asked if they wanted anything. "Yes thank you. A sound installation, "said Eva-Lill Jändel and talked her colleagues into supporting the idea. The project has received SEK 40 000 from the foundation Swedbank Sjuhärad. This week, the two acoustic designers at Audiotechture visited the school to do research and figure out what they could do to improve the situation. "

Hannah Larsson. Sounds will turn class quieter


2006 / Issue 2

"The shared kitchen and dining room on one side has a splendid view enhanced by the occasional chirping of birds and the rustle of leaves. In the rest room, the view is the same but there is a different sound.

– We wanted to produce the sound of giant drops of water falling on harp strings stretched over a stream, says Olle Niklasson.

It is apparent that they have succeeded. The slow sounding meditative sounds together with the view has made the rest room of one of the most popular areas of the floor. "

Ulla Kindberg. Sound Shower brings harmony at work



"The sound of the forest. At the end of the corridor there is another example of this sound design: a plastic dome hanging down from the ceiling. If you place yourself below it you are flooded with forest sounds, while looking out over lake Sävelången and the woods. The feeling is you are embraced by nature. Your heart rate and your breathing speed becomes lowered."

Jonathan Sverker. Designed sound environment stress of entrepreneurs (by TT)



"Natures sounds makes classroom go quieter. Students think that nature sounds are pleasant and soothing. And if you can't hear the birds, the students and teachers know that it is time to lower their noise level.  That way it's self-regulating."

Du & Jobbet



"Sonic designs for offices, hotels and even classrooms is something we have to be more and more aware of. Charlotte Terje, a teacher in the municipality of Mark, read an article in Borås Tidning about a sound installation in Nääs Fabriker, and she and several of her colleagues in Sjöbyskolan got curious. Since last Christmas, she and her 21 students in the combined third and fourth grade, now work with an audio backdrop including birds and rustling leaves. Multiple speakers lets the bird song move be heard from all corners of the class room. The wind is whizzing and the water is purling. The environment takes on a friendly note, she says. Charlotte Terje never experienced the sounds being too loud or disturbing.

– No, I do not think so. This is just a background and it has become quieter in the classroom. There is less stress and the kids find it easier to concentrate. In a friendlier environment, I believe learning is easier, and in controlling the volume I can adapt the level to the activity in the class room, like when we draw or do art, the noise level goes up a bit when the kids talk to each other and then I usually lower the environmental sound, but I do have it on when I read aloud to the class.

Björn Andersson

Eco Miljö

2004 / Issue 15

"Let all senses be involved and influence the well-being! In the business center Nääs Fabriker, east of Gothenburg, acoustic effects in the form of a soundscape contributed to a harmonious workplace. "

Bo Bengtsson. Evocative sound effects make life easier at work



Avalon Hotel


2015 / Issue 5

Gustavsviks Upplevelsebad

Article "Sound Waves", by Bo Madestrand, in the magazine


Forum AID

2004 / Issue 2

"In the public areas the sounds are interactive: when you pass the entrance an imaginary crystal curtain rings differently depending on your pace through the area covered by a sensor by the door."

Anders Modig. House Music

Friska Företag

2006/Issue 2

"Journalist Karin Storms enjoy the sounds and the views, and in the lunch hour she happily refreshes herself in the sound shower, looking like a big transparent hood hair dryer, by the window.

- It's like a bath for the senses. The shoulders go down and you get new energy. "

Ulla Kindberg. A sound shower at work brightens up


2004-02-28 Gränslöst

"We leave the fourth floor plane and via an old spiral staircase we take a look at the floor below. There, the interior takes on a different character, nice, although it feels a little empty without the sound of birds, the wind and the babbling brook."

Ulla Sundström. Design at the highest sonic level

2015-10-25 Kultur

Article: "Internationally awarded exciting sounds."

Eleonor Engstrom-Frisk

2016-08-22 Kultur

Article: “Great sound in Gasklockan”

Hanna Rasmuson

GP TVöje/ljudet-av-gasklockan-finns-kvar-1.3712140

Hemmets Journal


"Birdsong, rippling water, a bumble bee buzzing, wind rustling in the tree tops ... This, instead of humming fans and noisy computers, is what an office can sound like."

Jessica Danielsson. Birds are chirping in the kitchen and corridors

Lerums tidning


"Notwithstanding the season and the closed windows the opening of Nääs Factories were accompanied by birds and rippling water, as it was also a premiere for audio designs that enhances the well-being of the tenants."

Stefan Samuelsson. They decorate with sounds that heals


2004 / November

"Sonic environments are composed and treated digitally. The water sound in the mix is made up of seven different water loops put together to sound like lake Sävelången's relaxed babbling."

Agneta Slonawski. For sensitive ears

Lön & Jobb

2006 / Number 6

"All sound installations are computer controlled, and when the sound is turned off, it feels almost like breaking a spell. Suddenly you hear footsteps, voices, and the humming of a monotonous fan. "

Ola Rennstam. Everyone feels better when the sounds of nature moves in.

Nerikes Allehanda


"Listen to the award winning sounds of Gustavsvik."

Magnus Börjesson


2004 / Issue 3

"Above all, the project at Nääs Factories raises thoughts on other values in architecture and interior design, fields that normally focuses on surface and a narrow definition of the concept of function."

Sandra Nolgren. New Sound factory

SVT Fråga doktorn


News report. Chirping birds at work.

SVT Västnytt/News



"A classroom at Sjöbyskolan in Horred, Mark Municipality, has had a sound system playing the sounds of nature installed. And evaluating the project after one semester both teachers and students agree: it has become quieter and the working environment as a whole is now much better. "




"Last semester, Sjöbyskolan in Horred decided to install a surround sound system playing natures sounds in one of the classrooms, to “tear down the walls acoustically” and invite the surrounding natureso to speak. After six months, everybody thinks the project is a success. “I think it's good, concentrating is much easier now”, says one of the students. "