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The hotel at Nääs Fabriker, situated between Alingsås and Gothenburg, is housed in an old cotton mill. Here Audiotechture was invited already in the planning stages to create some sound designs for the hotel which opened in 2007.

     The restaurant got a multichannel sound system installed playing an audio backdrop related to the environment by lake Sävelången clearly visible from inside the restaurant.

In the lobby, and behind the comfortable sofas, there is the sound of a distant brook babbling, courtesy of a small mono installation, and across the room, the “log burning” open fireplace was supplemented with pops and crackles giving it the feel of real burning wood – all sound equipment hidden inside the furnace.

     The elevator shaft, called the Atrium, is a glass and steel construction open all the way up to the skylight, and is surrounded on all sides by the fully visible stairs between the floors. Here Audiotechture installed a spectacular sonic show by installing 16 speakers covering the entire height of the shaft. When guests enter the elevator entrance a sensor triggers a “sound fall” playing differently tuned samples of glass and metal through all the speakers in sequence from top to bottom.

     The restrooms was also given a thematic backdrop with a sound inspired by the corten steel clad walls.

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